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Prodeco Tech

Our Mission

At ProdecoTech our philosophy is centered on providing our dealers and customers with the most superior service. We have developed breakthrough designs using innovative techniques and business strategies to produce affordable, comfortable, and quality consistent electric bicycles. Our goal is for the electric bicycle to become a household item in the USA. The number one step in doing so is educating the public. To do this we have provided the most technologically advanced electric bicycles that are both user friendly and environmentally safe. Electric bicycles do not pose a danger to the environment because they do not emit carbon dioxide.

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality components to build our electric bicycles with dignity, integrity, and value. From the start, the pricing of the ProdecoTech line of electric bicycles has followed “Quality” being number one and “Ease of Service” number two. However, we believe that at no point should our high level of standards and attention to detail be compromised. Most importantly, we stand behind our service and products, ensuring that our customers and dealers are always 100% satisfied. These are core principles that we have instilled from the beginning and that we will continue to honor into the future.